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Unique abstract bird shape Floor lamp Modern Design Studying Light for Living Room Bedroom Study Room and Office

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Crane, an elegant bird with long claws and a beak, inspires our floor lamp. A thin geometric structure is finely realized on the aluminum plate, presenting a light but solid appearance with scattered lighting points. The light is hidden and enclosed in two transparent discs to be filtered and diffused, creating a pleasant and comfortable mood for you.

The lamp is fixed by adjustable metal wires and metal diamond plates placed on the base to keep the long heavy arm balanced with the diffuser. This metal boom floor lamp has a simple and modern shape, which can be adapted to living room sofas, salons, bedrooms, cloakrooms, art exhibitions, etc.

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The floor lampshade comprises a cloth cover and an opaque aluminum film inner cover. So the light is divided into different spaces by the characteristics of the cloth cover, creating a unique visual experience. The fabric can choose four colors: burgundy, pearl white, matte black and elegant gray, which is perfect for different home styles.

Combining cast iron's hardness and the bent angles' lightness creates an impressive design. The cast iron lamp body and base make the whole floor lamp stable enough to stand. Even pets or children are difficult to shake his position. Very safe and reliable.

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Taking full responsibility for our products, we provide a 2-year manufacturer warranty. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, don't hesitate to contact us. Customers' satisfaction is all we chase, and we are committed to making it perfect for you.

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