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Project Case

Project Case


Xi'an W Hotel

As the largest W hotel in Asia, W Hotel in Xi’an is a kind of “tireless trend” so to speak. Located in the bank of Qujiang Pool in Qujiang New District, Xi’an, it can be regarded as the best viewing spot along the whole Qujiang River, and it has its own sceneries. Adhering to the design concept of "enchanting moments", the hotel integrates historical culture and contemporary trend, giving people a feeling of "dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty". In the hotel lobby is a huge white crystal chandelier designed based on the inspiration from ancient silk. The separated “silks” on it swirl like a vortex.

It is worth mentioning that W's bar has always been ranking top in its kind, and has achieved the ultimate both in the bar environment and wine quality. With a cool nightclub style inside, it looks noble but not ostentatious, as well as having the sense of science and technology. In addition, it enjoys very delicate and exquisite wine quality. The representative WOOBAR bar is connected with the hall, and the cool LED lights can switch among scenes with different themes, creating a very brilliant effect.

As early as 2016, we have started to participate in relevant work to assist the designers, and officially completed the installation of all the lighting in the space in October 2018.


Mangrove Tree Resort

Located in Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, Sanya, Hainan Province, invested by Beijing Antaeus Group and designed by Americal SASAKI company, Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort is a pure resort hotel featuring the tropical style of Bali Island in China, which integrates holiday resorts, art films, catering, fashion, shopping, conferences and exhibitions. This hotel can not only allow guests to experience the lifestyle of "living elsewhere", but also attract all the tourists to Sanya, thereby making itself a national holiday destination, as well as making up for Sanya’s shortcoming of only having resort hotels while not having holiday life in the past. This "dream factory" allows people to travel from reality to here, offering a variety of leisure lifestyles and never-repetitive recreational activities.

As for the lighting proposal of this project, it only took 3 months for us to cooperate the entire process from the confirmation of design scheme, drawing deepening to the final construction.